Sunday, July 3, 2016

Antibiotics and Being Super Sickkkk (insert pro skateboarder pic)

So I haven't been eating super healthy over the past few days... My throat is all fucked up and nobody quite knows what it is (something like strep, or strep) and I'm now on some super strong antibiotics that are basically making me shit myself (yea TMI but I don't care). I've lost a bit of weight, I'm down from my standard 115 to 112. Normally, I'd be excited about that, but god knows it's just because I've been sick and have had no appetite. So... Not healthy. Also, since I am more prone to yeast infections on these shitty (no pun intended) antibiotics, I have to watch sugar in everything. It's pretty frustrating, especially cause I just woke up and ate an entire mango. I'm gonna try to get the rest of my day going a little better though!
Catch you on the flip.


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